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Plategum TERM – Baking Gum for offset plates

A high quality protection gum to assure a clean baking process for lithographic plates, avoiding any form of contamination settling down.


  • Excellent plate protection during baking.
  • Very good wetting .
  • Very easy to eliminate without leaving
  • residues.
  • The image areas ink receptiveness is assured.
  • Safe for the plates oxide and emulsion layers.
  • For use both manually and in plate processors.
  • It contains corrosion inhibitors.

User´s instructions

  • For manual use : Dilute it 1+1 with water. Apply it over the plate surface, making sure that it is well spread and stretched out as much as possible into an uniform and thin layer, in order to avoid accumulations on the printing areas.
  • For plates´ processors use: Dilute it 1+1 with water, even though it can accept a dilution of up to 1+2 with water according to the printer´s own choice.
  • Note: Baking Gum has been especially developed for use in the plates´ baking process, therefore it is not a plate storage gum. For the plates´ protection after baking , specially for prolonged periods before installing it on press, the best option is to wash and gum it with specific plates´ care and preservation products, such as
    Platea PLATEGUM S1.

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